Distinguished Experience

At Bates Law Office Kentucky, we offer legal counsel refined by over 20 years of richly diverse experience. Attorney Eric Bates has practiced in administrative, civil, criminal and family law. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants, presided as an administrative law judge and as a mediator, served as a public defender and fought for the rights of accident victims. Today, he is a trusted name in Hardin County, Jefferson County, Bullitt County, Larue County, Nelson County, Hart County and the surrounding region.

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Advocating For Your Legal Rights

Year after year, we continue to bring new insights to our clients. This is possible because we take the time to educate our clients about the civil or criminal justice system and what it can offer them. Whether you have come to us for our aggressive criminal defense practice, our family law services or to seek compensation from a negligent party in a personal injury lawsuit, we tailor our legal strategy around your unique situation and goals.

Tailoring Our Legal Strategy To Your Needs

Our client-centered advocacy is made possible by our distinguished legal service. As a former public defender, attorney Eric Bates is no stranger to the courtroom or the process of preparing a case for trial. Yet litigation is not our firm's only strength. We also offer mediation, which can be applied in many different kinds of cases and even to specific issues to save clients both time and money.

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At Bates Law Office Kentucky, we are proud to combine the high-quality representation that you might find at a big firm with personalized client attention. Find out today if we are the right firm for your needs by scheduling a free initial consultation at our office in Elizabethtown. You may call 270-506-0125, or contact us online.