Approaching Family Law Issues

One of the most common questions we receive is about the court's involvement. Many of our clients consider themselves to be ordinary "folks," and they would prefer to resolve their family matters on their own.

Safeguarding Your Family Law Rights

Our answer is that family law courts are a safeguard. They will review the terms of a proposed agreement in a family law matter to ensure its general fairness and compliance with applicable state laws. However, it is up to the parties to determine how involved the court is during their negotiations.

Committed To Efficient Resolutions

Many of our divorce clients seek us for our extensive litigation experience. However, our commitment to all of our family law clients means that we are equally prepared to advocate for your position outside of the courtroom, including mediation or collaborative law methods. Notably, attorney Eric Bates is a state-approved mediator and can provide informal negotiations that may save you time and money. Our bottom line is protecting your legal interests in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Requesting Modifications

We also help clients with modification requests to the original family law order. If your financial circumstances change, it may be untenable to meet certain support obligations, whether child support or alimony. In both situations, we might request the court for a modification until your finances stabilize. Similarly, changes in work duties or location may also require revisions to child custody arrangements.

Contact A Family Law Attorney You Can Trust

Family law is designed to be a protection, not a burden. We will advocate for your interests while pursuing an efficient resolution of your family law issue. Schedule a free initial consultation at our Elizabethtown office by calling 270-506-0125. You may also contact us online.