Navigating Divorce

With our depth of experience, we are able to skillfully assess your family law issue. In divorce matters, we will evaluate your expected timetable and your litigation options. For an uncontested divorce with limited assets and no children, you may realistically expect a resolution within a few months. If the divorce is contested because the parties cannot agree on one or more issues, the process may require the court's involvement.

Protecting You And Your Children

When children are involved, we often encounter misconceptions. Yet child custody and child support are much more straightforward than you may realize. Both parents are legally responsible for a minor child's financial support, and state law sets guidelines for calculating child support obligations. Similarly, courts expect that both parents will remain involved in a child's life, absent other circumstances or allegations. We also know how to tactfully respond to allegations that a parent has neglected or abused a child. We have represented clients on both sides of this issue. Our approach in either situation is to get to the bottom of the evidence.

Protecting Your Interest In Marital Property

As an equitable distribution state, Kentucky requires the parties to divide the marital estate fairly. However, fairness does not necessarily require a 50-50 split. There are many factors to consider, including each party's financial situation, the length of the marriage and each spouse's contribution to the marital estate, and the existence of a prenuptial agreement.

We have the experience to protect you during property division discussions. Our first step will be taking an inventory and valuation of the marital estate. With the exception of inherited or gifted property, assets acquired during the marriage are generally considered part of the marital estate, even if your name is not on the title. We also protect your interest in commonly overlooked assets such as retirement accounts.

Assessing Alimony

Kentucky law also allows for awards of spousal support, or alimony. As with property division, the courts will apply many factors to this determination. A general starting point is each party's contributions to the marriage and financial situation. If you supported your spouse through school or paused your career for the sake of raising your children, an award of alimony could provide post-divorce support while you re-establish your career.

Contact A Compassionate Family Law Attorney

Family law matters have the potential to be very emotional. We have the experience to navigate these emotions with tact and ease. Schedule a free initial consultation and find out today if we are the right fit for your family law needs. You may call our Elizabethtown office at 270-506-0125. You may also complete our online contact form.