Maximizing Your Personal Injury Claim

An accident can be a life-changing event. At Bates Law Office Kentucky, we understand that you will have concerns about your future. If your injuries resulted from the negligent actions of another individual or company, we will fight to recover the compensation you will need moving forward.

Giving You Honest Legal Advice

Our former clients consistently express appreciation for the way we answer their questions. You can count on having a real conversation with us. At your first meeting with us, we invite you to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. We will also review the available data, such as an accident report, to determine if you can state a claim for negligence. You will understand whether you have a case, your damages and what you will be up against. Not every law firm takes the time to do this.

Evaluating The Merits Of Your Case

If you have already been approached by the other party's insurance company, we will advise you of the merits of your case and discuss damages you have suffered. An initial settlement offer may not always be fair. We want to educate you not only about the claims process, but also about the litigation hazards and the range of compensation you might recover.

It is important to understand the legal process because a typical personal injury lawsuit takes a minimum of several months, if not longer. That extended time frame allows the parties to conduct discovery, review the evidence, and prepare their positions on both the liability and damages portions of a negligence claim.

Contact A Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

Out litigation experience is a particular advantage to our clients. We have litigated hundreds of cases in our over 20 years of legal practice. We are comfortable pursuing your best outcome at any stage in the process, from informal discussions to pretrial negotiations to last-minute settlement deals. Schedule a free initial consultation at our office in Elizabethtown by calling (270) 982-4713. You may also contact us online.