Understanding Criminal Charges

Our criminal defense practice is informed by our rich experience as a public defender. We have litigated thousands of criminal cases, at both the district and circuit court level. Whereas some criminal defense law firms only accept specific types of cases, we litigate the full spectrum of criminal charges.

Offering Comprehensive Advocacy

Our criminal defense experience includes misdemeanors of all kinds, traffic offenses and drunk driving charges, drug crimes, violent crimes and other felonies. We are thoroughly familiar with all felony classifications, including capital offenses and Class A, B, C and D felonies.

Negotiating For Your Best Outcome

Our familiarity with the local criminal courts allows us to pursue your best legal strategy. We have the experience to assess whether a prosecutor may be receptive to plea deals, such as amending a felony charge down to a misdemeanor, or perhaps a sentence that doesn't involve jail time. There may even be an opportunity for negotiation before your case is presented to the grand jury for an indictment.

Building A Strong Defense

Our goal is always your best criminal defense. Of course, we hope that our criminal defense clients will never require our services again. However, if needed, we are happy to serve. We have had many clients who have sought our legal services again because of their satisfaction with the positive results we previously obtained for them. Even if you are a repeat offender, there is always an opportunity to raise a strong defense.

Take The First Step Toward Your Future

When you need an experienced criminal defense attorney, we have the comprehensive experience you can trust. Schedule a free initial consultation at our Elizabethtown office by calling (270) 982-4713. You may also contact us online.