Drug Crimes

In our drug crimes defense practice, we are often contacted by a friend or family member of the defendant. Although our ethical duty is always with the concerns and goals of the defendant, we welcome the input of supportive family and friends.

Working With Concerned Friends And Family Members

In criminal defense matters, and particularly drug charges, a friend or family member may inquire about strategies for getting an accused back on track. Our legal defense strategy can incorporate this long-term goal. With strategies such as community service, rehabilitation programs or probation, a defendant can take the time he or she needs to build healthy habits. Best of all, these options may even avoid more serious consequences such as jail time.

Defending Against Aggressive Drug Enforcement Tactics

In conjunction with state and local police, these authorities are aggressively enforcing drug laws. Even after a single arrest, you may be facing felony charges for drug possession and/or drug trafficking, possibly accompanied by related charges such as possession of a handgun. If this is a repeat offense, you may be facing years of imprisonment under the applicable sentencing guidelines.

Evening The Odds Against You

The odds may seem stacked against you after a drug crimes arrest. Authorities will likely have already built a case against you. They may have impounded your vehicles and confiscated your property. This is why it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after you have been charged with a drug crime.

Reviewing Police Procedures

We know how to quickly get to work on your defense, reviewing the arrest report, the police procedures accompanying your arrest and available defense strategies. If the police violated your rights, we may file motions with the court to deem any subsequently obtained evidence inadmissible. Without that evidence, the prosecutor may be unable to make his or her case against you.

Learn More About Our Drug Crimes Defense Practice

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